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The way Michelle dramatically demonstrates each part of the story makes you pay attention.  I wanted to know more after hearing her speak.

- Twa'lea Jordan, Attorney & Founder, Unconventional Concepts


When Michelle came into our 9th through 12th grade classrooms, she ignited a fire in my students. The students' engagement was great because not only does Michelle posed so many questions to help them think about different ways to give.  The experience showed both me and my co-teacher where some of our students were proficient and areas we could use as teachable moments to switch management money and social skills.  What amazed me most was our students began giving immediately after leaving the classroom. Educators at our school site expressed how happy they were to receive Random Acts of Kindness from the students that had left the experience with Michelle.  We welcome Michelle back anytime.

- Keisha Woods, Math and History Educator, Foothill High School, Sacramento, California

Michelle shared her skills with my Special Education class. Her approach was delightfully engaging. A student remarked a year later that she still cherished the gift that she received during the storytelling event.

- Stacia Felix (she/her), M SpEd SpEd Department Chair Social Science and Health, Foothill High School, Sacramento, CA

I just finished reading it, had me a good cup of coffee and read the whole thing. I was there. The book had me in that air feeling and understanding each character. Great job Michelle Hardy. So magical and so real. I wanted more.  once I started I couldn't stop. I liked the word explanation in the back to. Great for younger readers who don't know.

- Denise Glover-Gallon, Small Business Owner

Michelle is an amazing storyteller.  Her talent of storytelling will capture the attention of students K-12 immediately.  We love the potential that the story provides for transforming schools and school cultures into institutions of kindness.  In early grades the institution of play and imagination could be utilized after children hear the story.  There are so many things you can do with this story.  We love it as a schoolwide kindness initiative.

- Dr. Sheka Houston and Principal Tammy Taylor, Create and Educate Solutions LLC

It was a delight to meet you yesterday at TEDxOakland. Thank you so much for giving me feedback on my talk. Also, gratitude to you for writing this story about Mrs Eels -- a story of love, friendship, and enjoying the present moment.

  All the best, James McCarthy

Dear Michelle , My daughter in law Jessica shared the blessings you gave her at the wedding last night. I thank you for passing on your love-filled gifts. I will cherish them and hope to meet you one day. I feel like I already know you!       

Warm regards, Deborah Thomas-Smith

Your book is so good.. I didn't put it down until I read it in its entirety.
A wonderful story...
This is just the beginning of many books..
God is leaning in your direction! 

- Connie Jones

I purchased a book from a dear friend and start reading.  I’m immensely proud, inspired to the point of motivation to finish my own book as well as being a better person. Intrigued (I cant put it down. I  could see Mrs. Eels Basement of Beautiful Magical Things as a screen play/movie. It’s divine! Pure creativity, dazzling. What a gift Ms. Michelle Tamiko Hardy well done! 

- Michelle Pembrook

I'm Hilda from Rockridge Cleaners the dry cleaner you recently visited and shared a piece of Mrs Eels Basement with. Thank you dearly and sincerely for your sweetness to me, our store, our family, we are a family run store, the other lady is my aunt, Christina. And thank you for carrying on a beautiful mission! Hope you know you're a special messenger appeared at quite a time of my life this moment. The timing of your kindness expressed to us, me directly that day, has a deep meaning. A sacred synchronicity. I'm immensely grateful for your gift from the magical place, thank you for anchoring the message and beautiful story.         - Hilda Hui

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