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Are you looking for a fun activity for your students on zoom or in person to learn how to give without ceasing?  Introduce your students to this dynamic inspirational storyteller and author and philanthropist Michelle Tamiko Hardy.  She shares a short story that inspires giving and also gives usable strategies to give instantly.  When in classroom learning resumes she physically comes and offers fun money management activities and a live auction where students have opportunities to bid on fun items for themselves in addition to hearing her magnificent story that was once fictional and now true in her own life. It’s an experience like no other.  Read the press release below to learn more and where to contact Michelle to inspire your students.


Press Release October 2020


Oakland resident, Michelle Tamiko Hardy, 52 year old is a Philanthropist, Inspirational Speaker and author of Mrs. Eels Basement of Beautiful Magical Things (released 12/2019) helps students learn about the importance of giving through Random Acts of Kindness.  In her book, Michelle delves into the intimate relationship between a young girl and an elderly woman with an emphasis on giving.


Many years ago Michelle was going through a tumultuous time where she was struggling emotionally, financially and the only thing she could do was write, as she has done since she was a child.  One Christmas, Michelle had no money to buy Christmas presents for family or friends.  She walked into a thrift store and there stood an item she mentioned in the fictional short story she had written.  She purchased the items, wrapped them as gifts and gave the short story to her family and friends; they all loved it.


As Michelle met people on her journey, she would daily share the story and a gift.  She would walk around with a satchel filled, passing out kindness wherever the opportunity presented itself.  For many years she has been sharing the story and kindness expecting nothing in return.


As years passed by, in Michelle’s own personal life she encountered an elderly lady, just like the lady in her fictional story.  The two established an endearing relationship and the same things Michelle had written about in her fictional short story started coming true in her own life.  It was really mind-boggling to even fathom but Michelle says, “GOD is powerful.  As we speak…so shall it be.”  The story Michelle started writing began manifesting itself in her own personal life.


Someone suggested to Michelle to write a full complete book.  At first she was reluctant because she thought, “what else can I write about?”  It dawned on her she could just write about her own life and the experiences she actually had because now it would be synonymous with the fictional now true short story.  


Michelle gives an engaging presentation where she effectively communicates the story from her book Mrs. Eels Basement of Beautiful Magical Things in such a way that keeps the listener intently wanting more. 

She offers tips to help students gain confidence in giving immediately where they don’t have to make a lot of effort, but make an ultimate impact.  The student will be able to clearly articulate their own personal message of giving by their actions…. Even for the shyest person in your classroom.  The tools she leaves with students are adaptable to their current situation.  She instructs students on how they can have more passion, authenticity and empathy.  Michelle also introduces a fun way to use math skills into her sharing that will engage students to think intensely about money and how we use it for our good.

Michelle admits her book is designed with students in mind.  She offers an opportunity to read the first two chapters of her book ‘Mrs. Eels Basement of Beautiful Magical Things’ on her website  We invite you to get Michelle’s book to help students open their minds up to what they can learn about giving and how to be kinder in the world.  There are an array of questions and a small glossary in the back of the book to assist educators with delving into what it is like to be kind. Michelle speaks to groups about Random Acts of Kindness showing them how it to give at low or no cost and how to give instantly.  She says, “A lot of times people are stumped and run out of ways to show kindness but I see kindness in everything we utilize. It’s a matter of opening the mind up to possibilities.  Be yourself in your giving and you can never go wrong.”


To reach Michelle Hardy:


Michelle Tamiko Hardy

 Author, Philanthropist, Inspirational Speaker

(415) 378-3681

Social Media Pages:


Proof The Show (PROOF That GOD exist):

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The Book - Mrs. Eels Basement of Beautiful Magical Things:

The Business -YayStudent:


“When I wake up I save the day. It’s not an option it’s a mindset.” – Michelle Hardy

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