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Black Thai Oakland

What is Black Thai Oakand

Q: What is Black Thai

A: Black Thai Oakland is a fundraiser to raise funding for Books for Youth and supporting literacy for educators & storytellers to go into the classroom to educate on giving and random acts of kindness.  We will enjoy Black and Thai foods romantically infused by Celebrity Chef Rashad Armstead from the Food Network’s Chopped and founder of the Black Food Collective


Q: What is the organization that will be supported by Black Thai Oakland

A: The Michelle Hardy Organization, Inc, an IRS recognized 501c3 nonprofit



Q: Is there a dress code for Black Thai Oakland

A: Black Thai Oakland is a formal attire event.  We understand some may choose to dress in other attire; however the recommendation is formal.  Examples here:[]=formal%20attire%20men%20and%20women%7Ctyped


Q: Is Preservation Park an actual park?

A: Preservation Park is a historical Oakland landmark which houses many Victorian homes that have been brought to Oakland and preserved for nonprofits to utilize for office and event space.


Cost Associated with Black Thai Oakland


Q: What is the cost to attend Black Thai Oakland

A: a general ticket is $75 which is includes fine dining of Black and Thai foods prepared by Chef Rashad Armstead, the Food Networks winner of Chopped, Grammy Nominated recording artist Ms. Ryan Nicole and several dynamic speakers from around the country.

Q: What does my Black Thai Oakland ticket include?

A: Formal dinner prepared by Chef Rashad Armstead, Live Auction, $10k in auction dollars (play money) to be used at the live auction to bid on donated auction items. Also two dynamic speakers from Oakland, #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Edward L. Moore (Oakland) and Corporate Training, Social Media Personality, Author, Women's Wellness Advocate, Philanthropist and sought after speaker Anntoinettemarie Williams (Wisconsin).  There's so much we couldn't list it here but click here YOU'RE IN FOR A REAL TREAT!


Q: I am a student, are there any discounted tickets for students?

A: Yes a student ticket is less than half the cost of a regular ticket.


Q: I was nominated to receive a free student ticket to Black Thai Oakland, how will I receive my ticket?

A: All approved student nominations for Black Thai Oakland will receive a 1-time code to use at checkout for their free ticket.


Q: I was approved for a free student nomination ticket to use at Black Thai Oakland. Can my parent and/or guardian attend Black Thai Oakland at a discount?

A: Parents of nominated students will receive a 1-time discount code for their ticket to use at checkout to attend Black Thai with their scholar.


Q: If I purchased a ticket for Black Thai Oakland and I am unable to attend, can I get a full refund?

A: For those individuals who purchased a ticket to Black Thai Oakland and find they are unable to attend, we will refund the cost of their ticket minus an administrative fee of $15 for tickets through February 15, 2022.  After February 15, we will not issue a refund and will consider your ticket as a donation to be applied to other administrative costs associated with Black Thai Oakland.

Q: Will there be an auction at Black Thai Oakland

A: We will host a live auction at Black Thai where guests will be given an opportunity to bid on donated items.

Covid Protocols for Black Thai Oakland

Q: What will the protocol be for Covid-19 for Black Thai Oakland

A: Staff will check temperatures upon arrival and electronic or printed record of vaccines.

Alameda County -

California -

Article: LATime Article About Facemasks for California as of 2/15/22

Q: Will Black Thai Oakland be an indoor or outdoor event?

A: Black Thai Oakland will be indoors at Preservation Park in Nile Hall

Vendors and Sponsors and Donations for Black Thai Oakland


Q: How do I become at Sponsor or Donate to Black Thai Oakland?

A: Submit your application to be a vendor at


Q: How do I become a sponsor of Black Thai Oakland?

A: Submit your application to be a sponsor at


Q: How do I donate an item for the Black Thai auction?

A: Email with the subject: Donation for Black Thai with the name of the item you are donating and the value?  Provide your contact information in the email as well. We will reach out to you to get specifics from you.

Accommodations (Air, Hotel, Car) for Black Thai Oakland

Q: I want to attend Black Thai Oakland.  Can I get assistance in making travel arrangements?


A: Yes, we have enlisted our friend Deon Jenkins who is a travel advisor to help you with all of your needs.  Reach out to him through his website  to provide what your needs are or at our website

Q: Will there be parking provided for Black Thai Oakland?

A: $5 Event Parking RateYou can park at the City Center West Garage (directly across the street from Preservation Park), 1250 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland, CA  94612.

Q: Will there be extra excursions for Black Thai Oakland?

A: We plan to do an excursion on Sunday, March 6, 2022 in San Francisco.  We anticipate we will do at least one (1) in addition to dining near Pier39.  Plan to spend between $40 - $70 on the excursion and your cost for dinner.  You are welcome to look into other activities outside of the planning excursion that may better meet your personal needs.

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