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How does the live auction work


Black Thai Oakland

Q: What is an auction?

A: Click Here to Learn More

Q: I always thought auctions were for rich people or people who had alot of money? Is this true?

A: No, auctions can be attended by anyone and anyone with the resources can bid on an item. Bidding is not limited to the rich or wealthy.  The Black Thai Auction is unique.  Your Ticket Comes with Auction Dollars (play money) to bid on items.

Q: How does the auction work at Black Thai Oakland?

A: Each paid ticket receives auction dollars (play money) to bid on donated items at Black Thai Oakland.  We will present a donated item and you may use your auction dollars (play money) to bid on that item.  As bidding goes up, bidders may require more auctions dollars which they are welcome to acquire before and during the Black Thai Oakland.

Q: Will I get auction dollars (play money) with my Black Thai Oakland purchased ticket?

A: Yes, each purchased event ticekt includes $10,000 auction dollars (play money) to use towards bidding on donated auction items.

Q: Why are we given so much auction dollars (play money) to bid with at Black Thai Oakland?

A:  We typcially do a live auction with students in the classrooms to give them the experience of not only money management and using their math skills but to show them that they are not limited to thinking small, thus our vision and goal is to encourage them to use all of their skills to make decision with large amounts of money (play money).  We raise the stakes in denomination because it shows the students that they entitled to do big feats if they put their minds to it.

Q: Can I get more auction dollars (play money) during Black Thai?

A: Yes, you will be given an opportunity before and during Black Thai to increase your auction dollars which will incease your chances of winning a bid?

Q: I want to donate an item to be auctioned off at Black Thai Oakland?

A: We will kindly receive your donation.  Please complete the form here and we will reach out to you to discuss the item and how we can best utilize it during Black Thai Oakland.

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