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Reading, writing and books were something I needed to conquer.  For as far back as I can remember I had a hard time reading and comprehending. It was so challenging.  I wanted to be so smart that I'd do things that made me appear to be smart, like wear glasses, carry lots of books and enter every contest that required writing.


 I didn't realize all the things I was doing were helping me learn and get over my fears.  Even though I had challenges, I eventually got my rhythm with reading and comprehension, even to the point of learning to speed read.  I ended up learning that if it wasn't quiet, I had to read a book twice to comprehend what the book was actually about.  My love for reading and books is in my DNA now because of my determination and fear.

I'm so proud of how far I've come and being 55 years old means that It's taken me that long to learn all of these things.  It takes time to hone in on your craft. I've mastered reading and a love for books and this is why I write books and give them away at every opportune time.  Books are so beautiful and I want to drop a book in the lap of everyone. Droppin' Books Like Albums (#droppinbookslikealbums) and Give without Ceasing (#GiveWithoutCeasing) are two of my mottos.  I'm going to do these two things until I can't do it anymore. 

Lets try 3rd Person (LoL)


The Michelle Hardy Organization Inc. ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by Michelle Tamiko Hardy, a philanthropist, author, inspirational speaker, and producer.  The organization is a continuous book giving portal for disadvantaged youth, that allows educators and storytellers an opportunity to go into classrooms and share not only books, but educate students on how to give without ceasing by performing Random Acts of Kindness daily.

Through literacy the mission of The Michelle Hardy Organization is to help disadvantaged youth by providing books that build resilience, empower and encourage them to read, in addition to teaching them about giving and random acts of kindness through storytelling which will help them embrace great decision making, empathy and communication skill; giving them hands on tools they can use and implement immediately.

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