Michelle Tamiko Hardy, a Philanthropist, Inspirational Speaker and Author known as 'The Giving Guru' for her daily Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) and teaching people how to Give Without Ceasing.  Michelle educates individuals and large groups on how to give in creative ways for low or no cost.  She is the expert of taking little to nothing and making it into something to give. 

Michelle is also the producer of Proof The Show on YouTube which offers individuals and opportunity to answer the questions "How are you proof that GOD Exists? How does GOD show up in your life?"  Michelle delves into an intimate conversation about how GOD has shown up in the lives of everyday people thus miracles happen.

Michelle partners with other business owners and coaches to bring her message of "Give Without Ceasing" to not only students but to thousands of people around the world who have a desire to do good and being kinder in the world.  She is currently producing an animated short film to accompany her book, Mrs. Eels Basement of Beautiful Magical Things.

Michelle is also the Kindness Ambassador for ATBA Impact Group where the focus is Mindfulness and Transformational Coaching with Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Carrie Irene Crosby.