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The Michelle Hardy Organization Inc. ( is a nonprofit founded by Michelle T. Hardy a philanthropist, author, inspirational speaker, and producer.  Michelle has had a passion for writing since she was a young child.  As her writing developed, she realized many things she wrote about began to come to fruition in her everyday life.  This is when she realized how powerful literacy and spreading kindness in the world is and the Michelle Hardy organization was formed. 


Through literacy the mission of Michelle Hardy Organization helps to build resilience in children, strengthens families and empowers communities to give from the heart through random acts of kindness.

The vision of the Michelle Hardy Organization is to offer a continuous book giving portal that allows educators and storytellers an opportunity to go into classrooms and share not only books but educate students on how to give without ceasing by performing Random Acts of Kindness daily.  We introduce students to a live auction that encourages literacy skills including decision making, mathematical, empathy and communication skills, where they experience hands-on tools to use immediately.

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