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Support Troop 6000

I read this article on NPR and it moved me to donate a portion of my book sales to this effort. 


My heart is hurt but happy in the same breath. #Troop6000 is amazing, but what hurt me is that the government gave $1.1M to dispurse over the 15 locations which equates to 500 girl scouts. I honestly say thank you to the government; however that equates to $132 per child. I honestly don't see where it resolved their homelessness. I pledge to donate a portion of my booksales to this troup. $1.1M to keep them homeless doesn't set well with me. I hope the #Troop6000 booksales from the book recommendation by Stephen Curry help as well. Whenever my book is purchased I will contribute to them as well. #NotAngerJustPerplexed #SolveTheirHomelessness

The original Article I read:

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