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The Book is Almost Here

This morning I woke up in reflection on how this journey has allowed me to encounter so many of my old friends and new friends who are so receptive of the story and the beautiful and magical shared. I just want to say, I am ever so GREATful (grateful) for everyone who shared how the story has impacted them, how the beautiful and magical reminded them of things once remembered. I've probably said this all before, but I want to always reiterate I am appreciative of every little comment and regard for it all. I had been working on the book to complete this story and on the journey of "trying" to write my story, I found I had writers block, block-block and more block-block-block.

When I tell you it was painful to pull these words out of me, continue writing in the voice of the original short story and put my experiences into something people could understand, it was like "girlfriend where are you going to get these words, this is taking forever?" To be honest, I had to do research because some things I didn't even understand myself. My experiences, even though I had them, I didn't know the names of certain things; I just knew that they were. I could describe things but the actual names of things was perplexing to me. It was like I was a child all over again and putting words to stuff I had seen but no one told me what it was. It's so mind-blowing.

This is a little longer than I expected, but I wanted to share with you.

The cover is done by my good friend Raynald Jean Gilles. He is Haitian and I've learned so much from him; not only as being Haitian but his Aquarian nature as well. He helps me make sense of all that I search for. He is my true friend.

You know how they say, "this book is my baby." I would agree with that statement because it's almost like you don't want to release it to have people scrutinize it, You want to protect it from critics. You want validation without all the criticism. I asked GOD to let me be ok with that part. Not everyone will like the book, not everyone will love the book, not everyone will be interested in the book and GOD has me covered on that part.

I typically walk with expectation of what GOD is going to do for my life, believing in him so blindly that everything will be in my favor. Now I walk without expectation for this book. I offer it as a blessing and not expect anything but sharing it with the world.

Love Michelle

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