The Elenor
Just as precious as the real Elenor. Her gold on her bottom is elegant don't you think?
The Martha
Martha was a fiery and fierce woman. She had class and it resignated wherever she graced her presence.
Though her three obligations were to a fault, she still managed to be as gentle and kind as Mrs. Eels remembered.
A High society woman, who though she spouted about eloquisms that meant more to her than any of her aristocratic friends.
The Dominican Sisters
....lets just say the Dominican Sisters were educators of whether you wanted to look away and become a sinner or follow the higher power. Gloria looked away on many occasions
Precious Caryn "Car-Ren"
Mrs. Eels' Precious Caryn
I never knew why Mae never had authenticity but then again, no one needs authenticity to be awesome. You are just awesome!
Joan, always appearing restored, wore the same dress and fruit basket earrings. She, though a drunk, impressed me on many occasions. I loved Joan.
Paul David's suitor Francine Pettigrew, a cook of all cuisine but none anyone wanted to taste, yet my father decided to dine with her on occasion to make sure I had at least one meal with substance.
Mr. Sunday Eels
Mr. Sunday Eels, always standing on his tipy-toes and wearing a restored suit... I thought he was honorable. He did sip his tea with fervor.
Truman Garcia Capote
Mr. Elmer Joshua
Mr. Joshua lived two parcels down and may have been a secret. I am sort of keeping it; however he was tall and that meant alot.
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The Elenor's and The Martha's

We welcome you to view the Elenor's and the Martha's from Mrs. Eels Basement  You will find there were more priceless and intricate cups in the basement.  Click on each cup and learn about the history of it and the value it held to Mrs. Eels.