Mrs. Francine Pettigrew
Mrs. Francine Pettigrew always looked like a lady. She drove a 1951 Hudson and it was blemished. She thought a woman's purse was quite valuable.
Priceless. I'm thankful for her. She's comical and loves GOD.
I always loved Tina because she spoke her mind.
Mr. Sunday Eels
Mr. Eels, though he walked on his tippy-toes, had presence when he walked in any room.
Jocelyn always appeared to be intelligent. I think she may have been here in a former life,
When I reflect on Regina, I think about the times I needed someone to fight for me. She would still do that today I believe.
She was always charismatic in a way. She and I "borrowed" flowers from her ex-boyfriends front yard and she still has them today in her windowsill
Mr. Sunday Eels
I've always thought Brandy was well put together. She seemed to have everything you needed when you went to her house.
She is the most graceful womsn. I have never seen her without a smile or love for me.
Fern is a seeker of goodness. She reminds me of those saving the planet and can have a day long conversation about the vintage pen on your lapel.
I will always respect Phyllis. She reminds me of the ladies that everyone goes to for truth and prosperity. She'll tell you the truth and honey-chile get your prosperity in order.
Wilma had a fire in her like no other. I was blessed to have heard her story, though I never met her.
Mr. Sunday Eels
I don't think Mr. Eels has a matching cufflink.. but it didn't really matter. He was restored and that's fine.
Eric is so calm. It's amazing to me how someone can be so nice. His voice transcends. I appreciate him.
She's flawless. Marilyn has to be my most treasured friend because she tells me the truth. She doesn't hold back anything.
Eloise has it all together. She is sure about the GOD she serves. The people who know their GOD shall BE.
Sarah, though I never met her... her father thought she quite a character. I will think so as well.
Mr. Sunday Eels
I couldn't really figure this one out except Mr. Eels probably carried alot of one dollar bills in this clip. Well... that's probably a half-truth.
I love Ms. Deborah. She exudes excellence.
My love. My friend. I have always felt like we were kindred. She is there for me in any situation.
There are not enough words to describe this amazing women... but let me just say "You can't out-do Almanda"
My true friend in the Lord. She gives me the hope that regardless, you go. You continue to go until GOD says ...."go no more.." and I don't think GOD will ever say that to Edna.
I think I've only heard Constance say two words. It was please and thank you. Then she smiled. I love her dearly. I don't think she ever knew that.
Ms. Brenda prayed for me. She asked GOD to give me what I needed to share the magical and beautiful with GODs people. Thank you Ms. Brenda... that prayer went though alright!!!! :O)
Determination to succeed and be her best. If ever you are in doubt about what GODs design is for you.... talk to Evelyn and you'll be on a good path.
My Brooke needs no explanation. She's enough.
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Silver and Rare

Mrs. Eels had impeccable taste. The basement had alot of value and love