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You can elect to DONATE

When you donate $36 it allows you to have a copy of the book to the shown below and impact for 4 students, plus you get a copy of the book.


Note:  By donating you are not electing for a monthly subscription.  This is a one-time donation that will impact you & 4 students.  However if you elect to subscribe, you can choose $3 per month (less than a cup of coffee) or $36 per year (less than an oil change on your vehicle)

Tax Write-Off


You can elect to SUBSCRIBE

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321 PROGRAM.png

If you subscribe the amount you donate can impact from 1 to 5 people depending on your.


Note: This is a monthly or one-time subscription amount donation will from 1 to 5 people based on your donation.  Example the cost to provide 1 book is $7 per person (it will take more than 2 months to provide 1 book; however if you elect to subscribe yearly your impact will be immediate and we can provide the books to schools sooner. (Yearly subsciptions allow for you to receive a book right away and it allows us to give 4 books to students and you receive your book as well).

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